Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Boban Thombrayil Rajan
Primary Specialty Dentistry
Experience 12+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education MSc in UK
Residency Dubai, UAE
Practice Areas Forensic Dentistry


Dr. Boban Thombrayil Rajan has been a practicing dentist with numerous medical institutes since 2008. He has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of dental surgery, as well as extensive professional experience. Hundreds of diverse situations in various dental disciplines have been exposed to me. He has skills in diagnosing the particular abnormality through case reports and advising the appropriate treatment. In team activities, he has excellent work coordination with his co-dental surgeons. He follows a strict work ethic and uses correct sterilizing measures. He has a great rapport with his patients and communicates effectively with them.

Languages Spoken: English, Malayalam, Hindi


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